LiDAR Survey & Point Cloud Data Processing

Goodland Geospatial & Consultants

We are LiDAR Survey Engineers providing Geospatial Services and Engineering Surveying all over India. We do survey and prepare maps for planning, designing, construction of civil infrastructure projects such as railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, airports, smart cities etc.

We understand that inaccuracy, incomplete and delay in mapping are ruining the profit and time of all civil engineering projects. In combination of LiDAR survey equipment with conventional methods, we deliver error-free drawings & reports on time. Mobile LiDAR shall be surveyed average 50 km per day, Inaccessible parts will be mapped from the air by drone LIDAR.

We help surveyors, planners, designers, contractors and government for preparing topographic drawing of land surface of project site. Our methodology saves their time, success and lot of money.

Our mission is bringing the land profile to desktop using latest technologies and provide a quality service, which fulfills customer’s requirements.

LiDAR Data Processing

Accurately vectorized CAD drawings, engineering grade quality and accuracy, all the features above the surface from LiDAR Point cloud data

Drone Data Processing

Processing the Images, drone data with GCP’s or PPK Drone data, generating orthomosaic image, las point cloud data and CAD Drawings (linework, points, contour, DEM, DSM)


Digital Elevation Model, Digital Surface Model, Contours shall be generated from point cloud data, classification of point cloud, similar deliverables…

Client Testimonial

GSPL was awarded with assignment of conducting topographic survey by UAV/UAS (Drone) with LIDAR, Total Station and DGPS. The project was successfully completed and payment was made

Joint Director / Project Director, DRDA, Tiruvannamalai

GSPL Conducted the entire topographic survey for Etawah to Chakheri Road Section of NH-2 and they completed the project within time schedule and good manner.

The Executive Director (Technical), Oriental Structural Engineers

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