Topographic Survey Drawing looks incomplete?

A topographic survey can provide you with the data you will need prior to making any changes to the land. It gives engineers and architects the information they need to design in a way that is appropriate for the project’s unique features. Do you have any of the following problems with your topo surveyor?

  1. Data submission is delayed; excessive time is spent gathering site data; 
  2. Omissions, shortages, and lack of availability of information; 
  3. Inaccessibility of land due to vegetation, forest, or rocks; 
  4. Human errors, inaccuracy, etc.

We know why…

Conventional survey work in the field involves many teams putting in long hours, extending timelines, and costing more. Traditional survey results like vector maps are hard to understand without a visual representation of the land surface, property or lot.

We have super fast and reliable solution for mapping the vegetation land, forests, transmission lines, proposed highway and railway alignments, bank of rivers, mines, etc.

Drone based LiDAR Survey

  1. Fast Data Collection – 1 Sq Km / Per Fly, Approx 30 Minutes
  2. High dense Point Cloud Data, 100-200 Points per Sq Meters
  3. Ground Surface Data at Vegetation Land and Forest Area, It penetrates in small gaps.
  4. Transmission lines and similar dangerous objects,
  5. Data collection at difficult & impassable area

GVI – V70, USA
Surface Data

Drone-based LiDAR collection yields the highest fidelity data. The point cloud generated from drone-based LiDAR can yield 100–500 points per square meter at a vertical elevation accuracy of 2–3 centimeters.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors use light energy, emitted from a laser, to scan the ground and measure variable distances. The end result is a rich set of elevation data that can be used to produce high-resolution maps and 3D models of natural and man-made objects.

Drone survey – How it works?

UAV LiDAR Data Collection at site
LiDAR Data Processing & Point Cloud Generation

Why Drone LiDAR?

Our drone LiDAR is equipped with a Livox Lidar module, a high-accuracy IMU and a Sony A6000 camera. It generates true-color point cloud models. The GNSS data, combined with a high-accuracy IMU, allows centimeter-accurate.

Data Post Processing: LiGeorefence, the software fuses the IMU and GNSS data for point cloud and calculations, in addition to conducting POS data calculations so we effortlessly generate reconstructed models and accuracy reports. Our staffs have well versed knowledge and skills in data processing software like MapFactory, LIDAR360, Pegasus Manager, Pix4D, AutoCAD Civil 3D and inhouse tools

Why Goodland?

We are in the engineering surveying profession for past 15 years and geospatial services for past 5 years. With the vast experience in the LiDAR Data collection and processing we are able to deliver drawings and data for 17400 kms of highways and 2000 sq kms of cities and land area.



Kerala Infrastructure & Investment Fund Board, Govt. of Kerala: “Goodland has been awarded the work for carrying out Drone and LiDAR Survey for Various Linear Infrastructure Projects in Kerala and Data Post Processing for Aerial Photogrammetry. The work has been completed in time & Satisfactory.”

Joint Fund Manager, KIIFB


L&T Infra Engineering: “Goodland has been awarded of Topographic Survey by using LiDAR, DGPS, Total Station and UAS/UAV (Drone) for preparing Detailed Project Report, for Highway (NH & SH) Projects, Railway Projects, Bridge Construction Projects, Port Project, Water Pipeline Projects, Industrial Land Survey Project, Smart City Development Projects and City Sewage Projects. The above value of work has been completed satisfactory to our standards, within a stipulated time.”

Other Services

Mobile LiDAR Survey

Drone Photography & Drone Videography

DGPS Survey

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